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Italy: how much is smoking on the beach

For tourist that was on holiday in Sardinian city Alghero usual cigarette became the most expensive in her life when Dane has butt it out of the public beach's sand and local policeman has noticed this.

Electronic cigarettes are above the law. Part 2

In Estonia is allowed selling of relatively non concentrated liquids for filling electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are above the law

It would be useful both for entrepreneurs and consumers if essence of electronic cigarettes would be specifically determined and registered in legislation.

In Britain man died because of electronic cigarette

In Great Britain a man died, charging his electronic cigarette.

JTI has reduced shippments

The biggest supplier of cigarettes to Russia - JTI has reduced shipping by record for market 18.8 %.

Football player of England has apologized for smoking

Football player of London "Arsenal" and England national team Jack Willshere has apologized for his behavior...

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Italy: how much is smoking on the beach
For tourist that was on holiday in Sardinian city Alghero usual cigarette became the most expensive in her life when Dane has butt it out of the public beach's sand and local policeman has noticed this.
Electronic cigarettes are above the law. Part 2
In Estonia is allowed selling of relatively non concentrated liquids for filling electronic cigarettes.
Electronic cigarettes are above the law
It would be useful both for entrepreneurs and consumers if essence of electronic cigarettes would be specifically determined and registered in legislation.
In Britain man died because of electronic cigarette
In Great Britain a man died, charging his electronic cigarette.
JTI has reduced shippments
The biggest supplier of cigarettes to Russia - JTI has reduced shipping by record for market 18.8 %.
Football player of England has apologized for smoking
Football player of London "Arsenal" and England national team Jack Willshere has apologized for his behavior...
San Diego resident was attacked with knife for smoking on the beach
It is worth to mention that smoking on major part of beaches within the San Diego city was prohibited back in July 2006, however ban is often violated.
In Germany the court evicts from home retiree for smoking
Dusseldorf court has passed verdict with regard to case of retiree Friedhelm Adolfs...
Some smokers will not refuse cigarette even for money
Scientists with the help of MRT-scanner have found out that by no means all people to quit smoking.
Scientists have interceded in front of WHO for electronic cigarettes
More than fifty scientists from different countries have addressed to World Health Organization with appeal to refuse plans of restricting sales of electronic cigarettes.
Philip Morris will close cigarette plant in Netherlands
American manufacturer of cigarettes Philip Morris International Inc. has declared that will close manufacturing object in Netherlands on the background of weakening demand on traditional tobacco products in Europe.
Philip Morris has transferred manufacturing of Marlboro brand from Russia to Germany
Reduction of sales volumes of Marlboro brand has forced Philip Morris International (PMI) to stop their production on the plant of Saint Petersburg.
In Great Britain want to introduce unique cigarette pack
Great Britain government has informed about plans to oblige tobacco companies by law to sell cigarettes in England in simple, standardized pack.
Smoking and overeating: applications for bad habits control
There are a lot of various habits in the world, among which tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption and overeating.
Ukraine increases excise taxes on alcohol and cigarettes
From April 1st 2014 in Ukraine came into force law that includes increase of excise taxes on alcoholic and tobacco products.
Scientists: cigarettes prevent from taking pleasure of coffee
Toxic chemical substances in tobacco are able to influence negatively regeneration of taste buds.
Scientists have found out that electronic cigarettes do not help to quit smoking
Scientists, after making scaled research in which participated eighty eight people, came to conclusion that electronic cigarettes don't help in smoking control...
Smoking in the cars with children inside is offered to be prohibited in Latvia
Member of conservative fraction in the Saeima, former basketball player Sergejus Jovaisa offers to prohibit smoking in the cars if there are children inside.
Tobacco ban: Is Latvia jumping the gun?
In May in Brussels will be adopted new tobacco directive.
Cigarettes separately of medicines
General attorneys of 28 US states have directed to five biggest retailers of the country letters with request to stop sales of tobacco products in the shops where pharmacies are.
XVI Cigar Festival in Cuban capital. Part 2
One day earlier for rolling up cigars, workers had to remain for overtime hours to prepare tobacco leaves for festival.
XVI Cigar Festival in Cuban capital. Part 1
Pungent smoke fills the room, shades the light and penetrates clothes and skin with tobacco smoke.
Scaring pictures on cigarette packs does not make cigarettes less attractive
The matter is that because of cigarettes smoking is conceived by smokers more positive occupation.
Overdose without scent. Part 3
The subject of second research of Roswell Park Cancer Institute scientists was in electronic cigarettes marking.
Overdose without scent. Part 2
There are some research results that show some positive effects of nicotine on brain (but not smoking).
Overdose without scent. Part 1
How electronic cigarette influence health?
Smoking control: bidi cigarettes were declared in USA outside the law
American admirers of "non-traditional" tobacco products have received a telling blow the other day: local Ministry of Health has prohibited import and sale of four sorts of so-called "bidi" at once, flavored cigarettes from Asian tobacco popular in India.
Some cigarettes cause stronger dependence?
For the last 50 years American Society has made a long way for getting rid of nicotine dependence, however it is far till the final problem solution.
Second-biggest pharmacy net in USA stops selling cigarettes
Second-biggest pharmacy net in USA - CVS - has declared that from October 2014 will stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products at all, writes The Wall Street Journal.
Tobacco for pipe and cigarettes. What is the difference?
The person who is telling that pipe and cigarette are almost the same is not right.
Scientists have tested electronic cigarettes on people
Research made by New Zealand scientists has shown that electronic cigarettes help quitting smoking with the same effectiveness as nicotine patch.
Danger of menthol cigarettes
Scientists, taking into consideration all factors have calculated that cigarettes with menthol flavor have increased risk of stroke more than twice.
How to choose a lighter? Part 4
Choosing a lighter
How to choose a lighter? Part 3
Universal lighters
How to choose a lighter? Part 2
Lighter execution
How to choose a lighter? Part 1
Assortment of lighters that are manufactured is large, it mainly concerns their appearance.
Refusing tobacco at home and high prices on cigarettes will help quitting smoking
Researchers have analyzed results of interrogation of more than 150 thousands participants from USA in age of 18 years and elder for 2006-2007 that tell about profits and smoking.
Electronic cigarettes: alternative or health risk?
Esteve Fernandez, professor of Barcelona University and coordinator of Non-smoker's Society (ETT) at Catalan Oncology Institute declares that electronic cigarettes that are intended to help smokers quit smoking are far from being harmless.
In Australian state want to fully prohibit smoking in prisons
From May 2014 Queensland officers (state on North-East of continental part of Australia) want to introduce full ban on smoking in prisons.
In Olympic village will be introduced strictest ban on cigarettes and alcohol
In Olympic village will be introduced strict laws. First of all, will be introduced strictest ban on cigarettes: village is a zone free of smoking.
Smuggler-doves have imported cigarettes from Cuba for American
American artist Duke Riley has taught doves to bring him cigars from Cuba.
Imperial Tobacco counts on the cigarettes of queen size format
Fall of legal production of cigarettes makes tobacco Companies taking courageous marketing steps.
American mass-media: electronic cigarettes cause drug dependence
Live on New York channel WNBC has sounded information that nicotine is not the only harmful substance that electronic cigarettes may contain.
Smokescreen: what for Bulgaria returned to discussion about smoking ban? Part 2
Representatives of Association of restaurants and hotels owners have revived noticeably.
Smokescreen: what for Bulgaria returned to discussion about smoking ban? Part 1
Parliamentary group of Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) that in the point of fact governs the country prepares changes in the Law about health protection.
UAE authorities have restricted hookah smoking
In UAE is prohibited home and office delivery of hookah ready for smoking.
Estonian Health Fund suggests to equal electronic cigarettes to usual tobacco
Estonian Health Fund (ETF) suggested the Ministry of Social Affairs to equal electronic cigarettes to usual tobacco and...
Electronic cigarettes in Israel will be equaled to usual. Part 2
Besides, Ministry of Health also plans to introduce ban for smoking on stadiums and amphitheater that was refused by authorities last year when ban has applied only on bus stations...
Electronic cigarettes in Israel will be equaled to usual. Part 1
Israeli smokers that had to put up with many restrictions for the last years are expecting are expecting new introductions in the nearest future.
Meditation will wean from cigarette. Part 2
There are a lot of meditation forms - with concentration on emptiness, on chakras, on the candles' light, on heart beating etc.
Meditation will wean from cigarette. Part 1
Meditation practices make smokers not to smoke cigarettes till the end.
Cigarettes with menthol form strong nicotine dependence
FDA has declared that will consider variant of introducing sanctions for using cigarettes that contain menthol.
Profits of electronic cigarettes sellers beast off
Currently electronic cigarette gain popularity, however, it doesn't frighten huge tobacco sellers.
Electronic cigarette are by no means harmless - state scientists
Many smokers, willing to reduce harm of such vicious habit with increasing frequency switch to popular electronic cigarettes.
Cigarettes. Interesting facts
Cigarettes are the most sold thing on the Earth. One trillion of cigarettes are sold annually.
JTI declares about the risk of counterfeit cigarettes increase in case of expansive growth of excise
Expansive growth of excise tax on tobacco products in Georgia country increases risk of counterfeit products appearance.
Mass-media: in Poland price increase by one zloty for a pack of cigarettes is expected
In 2014 cigarettes in Poland will increase in price more than by one zloty, promise unofficially representatives of tobacco concerns.
Europe has agreed about clampdown against flavored and electronic cigarettes
Ministers of Heath of all 27 countries-members of EU have agreed about introducing full ban on menthol and other flavored cigarettes.
WHO asks Russia to increase prices on cigarettes
World Health Organization in accordance with recommendations of which Russia has adopted anti-tobacco law this year is not satisfied with target rate of excise load after 2016 in this country.
Expensive cigarettes have frightened Israeli smokers
Sale of cigarettes in Israel have reduced for the last month approximately by 10 % due to another price increase of tobacco products (2.5-3 shekel for one cigarette pack) initiated by Ministry of Finance.
Electronic cigarette was given the green light
Green light for electronic cigarettes! But pseudo-cigarettes can be also harmful.
France is prohibiting electronic cigarettes
Smoking control intensifies. France prohibits electronic cigarettes but Bulgaria may simplify smoking ban.
Tragedy: death because of electronic cigarette
A two and a half years old girl has died in the Hadassah hospital (Ein-Kerem) after she has accidentally swallowed solution with nicotine meant for filling electronic cigarettes.
Scientists have found out how effective electronic cigarettes are. Part 2
Lack of molecular-genetic data about nicotine dependence peculiarities is named among main reasons of low effectiveness of anti-nicotine therapy.
Scientists have found out how effective electronic cigarettes are. Part 1
Scientists have finally decided to check if electronic cigarettes can be used in nicotine dependence treatment.
Menthol cigarettes can be prohibited in Latvia
Cabinet Council has supported introduction of amendments to Directive about tobacco products author of which is European Commission.
Hookah is the same dangerous as cigarettes
It was confirmed one more time by American scientists.
Coffee and cigarettes help during Parkinson disease
Although scientists haven't determined precisely what namely provokes Parkinsonism development.
Donskoy tabak has renewed Play cigarettes
Design became more moderate and minimalist.
Spanish experts urge to keep beautiful skin by quitting smoking
People who have quitted smoking can notice positive effect on their skin even in one month after making this important step.
Compliance control mechanism of balcony smoking ban enforcing is not clear yet
Latvian government at the beginning of the New Year will consider suggestions of Ministry of Health about smoking restriction that provide for by law to prohibit smoking on house balconies and loggias.
In USA allowed smoking and growing marijuana
Recently in American states Washington and Colorado was allowed marijuana smoking.
With what can be cigar smoked
Cigars best of all combine with strong alcoholic beverages. Classic is considered combination with cognac.
How to light up a cigar
First and important rule: in no case cigar can be lighted up of benzene lighter!
How to smoke cigars
"Cigar requires very careful attitude. Cigar smoking is a real ritual".
Smoking etiquette
You cannot smoke in the following circumstances:
Cigarettes under Lamborghini brand may become last novelty in Russia
Manufacturer of Esse cigarettes, Korean KT&G plans to introduce on Russian market Tonino Lamboghini brand created together with the son of Italian automobile Company founder.
In The Celestial Empire are trying to fight with smokers. But unsuccessfully as of yet. Part 5
The better smoking alternative, as in China is reasonable considered, is healthy life.
In The Celestial Empire are trying to fight with smokers. But unsuccessfully as of yet. Part 4
As of yet China remains s heaven for smokers. Here are manufactured more than 500 brands of cigarettes.
In The Celestial Empire are trying to fight with smokers. But unsuccessfully as of yet. Part 3
Which sanctions are expected for ban breakers? There is no well-defined answer.
In The Celestial Empire are trying to fight with smokers. But unsuccessfully as of yet. Part 2
Owing to huge number of smokers China market always was attractive for world tobacco giants.
In The Celestial Empire are trying to fight with smokers. But unsuccessfully as of yet. Part 1
The whole world found out about tobacco after Columbus discovered America.
In Israel actors have prohibited smoking on the stage even the play requires this
Supreme Court of Israel has cancelled decision of inferior court that actors can smoke on the stage during the performance if play requires this.
License for smoking: myth or realty. Part 3
To make people pass a test before giving them license is offense not only of smokers but of all adult people that have right for free informative choice...
License for smoking: myth or realty. Part 2
"Punishment for selling cigarettes to smokers without license will be very severe" - he explains.
License for smoking: myth or realty. Part 1
If you smoke, imagine that you will have to file application for special license for purchasing tobacco and pay for it.
Friends ask Kristen Stewart to quit smoking. She resists
In USA paparazzi have caught actress Kristen Stewart on balcony of hotel room where she took rest with friends but led bad way to all fans - she smoked one cigarette after another.
Passive smoking is more dangerous than it was considered
It is enough to spend just 20 minutes in society of smoker to get harm of passive smoking, experts from Athens University, Greece cancer society and Harvard Health School say.
In Israel were introduced harsh laws against smoking
In Israel was passed legislative package for smoking control. Now, cigarette smoked in public place can hit your pocket.
Research: dependence on social networks is higher than on cigarettes
American scientists have published results of their recent research in which are described temptations that are practically impossible to be resisted.
For 20 euro you may buy 10 packs of cigarettes in Estonia... or what will you be able to buy in Euro
In order to show difference in prices for the same goods in 17 countries if European Union, edition Business Insider has made investigation in which was made attempt to shop for 20 euro.
Scientists: Passive smoking worsens memory
People underestimate danger of passive smoking, specialists ascertain.
Smoking can treat bowels - doctor
Britain medical student affirms that he has cured himself of wasting disease by beginning to smoke.
Swiss people have voted for cigarettes
Switzerland residents during referendum that took place on September 23rd have voted down full ban of smoking in public places.
In Switzerland took place nationwide referendum about smoking
Switzerland is one of the oldest European democracies. Authorities before taking a decision that affects majority of population, submit many questions for nationwide discussion.
Nicotine dependence has hereditary nature
Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital Neuro have found out that thirst to nicotine is connected with work of genes, informs The Toronto Sun.
Smoking during pregnancy leads to the risk of children-s obesity
Smoking of pregnant woman means high risk of extra weight gaining by her child in the age of adolescence, Canadian scientists have determined.
Americans will not smoke cigarettes with frightening pictures on packs
Washington Court of Appeal has taken decision that USA authorities don't have right to demand from tobacco Companies placing on cigarette packs pictures that clearly demonstrate smoking harm.
Restrictions on smoking in Great Britain have led to losses of 3 billion pounds a year by budget
Restrictions introduced for the last decades on tobacco market of Great Britain haven't caused considerable reduction of smokers.
In Switzerland smoking can be prohibited almost everywhere
New strict measures against passive smoking can be taken in Switzerland - initiators of these innovations intend to toughen anti-tobacco legislation by prohibiting smoking almost everywhere, Swiss mass-media inform.
In Argentina for smoking at the wheel you can go to jail
In one of the largest cities of Argentina smoking at the car wheel was practically equaled to drunkenness.
Lords have prohibited their population smoking in cars if there is a child inside
House of Lords in Great Britain has adopted scandalous draft law.
Great Britain. JTI has launched advertisement against plain cigarette packs
Tobacco manufacturer JTI has launched advertisement campaign directed against initiative of Great Britain Ministry of Health about plain cigarette packs.
Pipe smoking championship took place in England
In Northern England first time for the last five years took place pipe smoking championship. Spaniard won this competition.
Refusing cigarettes leads to four "extra" kilograms a year
French scientists from University of Paris South have monitored weight change of people who decided to quit smoking.
Scientists have invented vaccine against smoking
Some day smokers, after making vaccination against nicotine dependence will not be able to get pleasure from harmful habit anymore.
Most Spaniards supported smoking ban on beaches
According to interrogations' results approximately 69 % of Spain population is in favor of smoking ban on beaches and near open pools.
Horrible picture on cigarette pack is stronger than words
Horrific pictures on cigarette packs designed to break of the smokers' habit, influence considerably stronger than other, including verbal warnings about smoking harm.
Blush cigarette pack will help to quit smoking
Great Britain government takes new steps in smoking control and at present moment seriously is considering law about universal pack of cigarettes of absolutely all brands.
BAT has launched new budget-oriented tobacco brand in Australia
British American Tobacco Australia has declared about launching budget-oriented cigarette brand, one more action that runs counter to governmental position that in its' turn has accused Company of choosing teenagers as target group.
Female cigarettes dependence appeared to be stronger than male dependence
American scientists have studied mechanisms of nicotine dependence formation among men and women.
Law that prohibits smoking in hospitals, on bus stops and public events was accepted in Israel
Israel Ministry of Health and parliamentary commission on public health have increased list of places were smoking is illegal.
In New Zealand cigarettes can rise in price up to 100 USD for one pack
To 2020 pack of cigarettes in New Zealand can rise in price up to 100 USD. In such a way, authorities intend to make country free of smoking.
For women is more difficult to refuse cigarettes
For women is more difficult to refuse smoking than for men because of special reaction of their brain on nicotine, consider American scientists from Yale University.
How to quit smoking and not put the weight on? Part 2
Success of anti-cigarette diet is guaranteed...
How to quit smoking and not put the weight on? Part 1
From 5 persons who have quit smoking, 4 gain approximately 2-5 kg. However, as a rule after some time all return to their usual form.
Spain expects another increase of cigarettes prices
Next month in Spain is expected increase of excise tax on tobacco.
Cigarettes allergy: myth or realty? Part 2
Symptoms and precautionary measure of cigarettes allergy.
Cigarettes allergy: myth or realty? Part 1
Results of many medical researches prove that cigarettes may become cause of hypersensitivity reactions.
Zimbabwean dictator Mugabe criticizes tobacco smoking control in the world
After eating sweet crocodile in honor of Birthday, 88 years old Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe again has plunged into dissipation...
King of Davidoff cigarettes. Part 4
However, almost twenty years ago, not long before Davidoff died, Cuba has broken agreement for tobacco delivery.
King of Davidoff cigarettes. Part 3
To 1969 Zino's shop remained just family business. Except the owner he got assistance from his brother Joseph, sister Elena, wife Martha and their daughter.
King of Davidoff cigarettes. Part 2
Senior Davidoff died soon and left his sign business that, unfortunately, has already been close to bankruptcy.
King of Davidoff cigarettes. Part 1
Father of cigar business King Zino Davidoff, escaping from Jewish demolitions, by hook or by crook managed to leave Russia and stop only in Switzerland.
"Smoker-s cough" will disappear in two weeks without cigarettes
To such conclusion came American scientists from Texas University.
In Germany price of cigarettes pack with filter has past over 5 euro
German tobacco smokers in 2012 will have not only less health but also less money.
John Terry from "Chelsea" appeared on cigarette packs with inscription "Smoking kills"
Famous English football defender John Terry is going to file lawsuit against Indian tobacco Company...
American smokers oftener are refused to be accepted for employment
In 29 USA states and District Columbia act laws that protect tobacco smokers' rights
Albania fills state treasury with penalties for smoking
Uncompromising struggle against tobacco smoking in public places has been launched in Albania in 2007 with the help and support of OSCE and WHO.
Three American women have gotten awards for quitting smoking
In September of current year Health department of Indiana State (USA) has announced competition among local smokers that wish to overcome vicious habit but that don't have enough motivation.
Smoking soldiers are bad fighters, consider Pentagon experts
Tobacco and even caporal romance of battlefield way and military service at present moment of active and all-round smoking control loses charm and actuality.
Ban for smoking on sidewalk and park paths awaits Seoul population
Population of Korea Republic capital, joint with nicotine addiction will become familiar with new type of administrative sanctions soon.
Scientists have proved that for population of Maine State is much easier to quit smoking that for ot
To quit smoking is very difficult.
School notebooks of small Indians will be decorated with inscriptions of tobacco harm
Children in India easier and earlier become familiar with tobacco than on the West. Local traditions facilitate globalization.
USA authorities have argued against electronic cigarettes. Part 3
Professor of health faculty from Boston University Michael Sigel considers strange such worry concerning hypothetical risks...
USA authorities have argued against electronic cigarettes. Part 2
USA government and movements of smoking control that warn of electronic cigarettes' danger and try to prohibit their sale come out in a united front.
USA authorities have argued against electronic cigarettes. Part 1
Safety and effectiveness of electronic cigarettes in smoking control arouses a lot of disputes.
Smoking reduces penis size
During experiments scientists have found out curious side effect of smoking among men - the size of their penis becomes less after they start smoking.
USA government has gang up on electronic cigarettes
Authorities are going to prohibit electronic smoking in planes, trains and some states Members of USA government offered to prohibit smoking of electronic cigarettes on all flights - internal and external.
Public sale of cigarettes is prohibited
From October in Great Britain comes into force new law that officially prohibits free sale of tobacco products in public places...
Scientists: electronic cigarettes should be upgraded
Researchers from Pennsylvania state medical college (Penn State College) consider that medical workers should encourage switch to electronic cigarettes smokers who cannot quit this addiction.
Smugglers have set bees at Turkish police
In Turkey smugglers have set several dickers of honey bees at police that has performed raid.
Iran takes 2nd place in the world in volume of tobacco contraband
Severe Islamic country to which Allah himself told not to fume with anything but power station pipes and steamer funnels turned out to be in "interest" position.
To quit smoking means to change the brain
In Chicago inform of August release of "Archives of general psychotherapy" magazine with report about research organizers...
Indian Supreme Court can prohibit tobacco consumption in the food
Heavy smokers have their own "professional" humor. Many of them on traditional "Quit smoking!" answer jokingly: cigarettes are like food for them.
Hunger and cigarettes: satiety receptors
Are you fighting with extra appetite? It is easier for smokers: this vicious habit - or rather, nicotine that enters the body - effectively suppresses hunger.
Kirsten Dunst hired hypnotist to quit smoking
Actress Kirsten Dunst ("The Virgin Suicides", "Spider-Man", "Marie Antoinette") has fed up with attempts to done with nicotine dependence on her own and in vain.
Imperial tobacco have reduced cigarettes sale by 3 %
During 9 months of financial year sales volume of Imperial Tobacco Company tobacco products in natural units has reduced by 2 %. Sale of cigarettes has fallen by 3 %.
Smoking mothers deliver children with underdeveloped kidneys
Dutch researchers from Erasmus Rotterdam Medical Center (located in corresponding city) have determined...
Heroes from Hollywood movies started to smoke twice less
If a goodie from movie drinks alcohol on the screen or smokes cigarettes - it is bad.
In Iceland cigarettes will be sold in pharmacies on prescription
In Iceland parliament was introduce legislation according to which cigarettes should be equaled to medicines.
Smoking ban in France
Smokers in France are not very restricted. It is allowed to smoke in all open places - on airport or depot exit, at entrances into public places, on open coffee shops and restaurants' terraces.
In USA were chosen frightening images for cigarette packs
Food and Drugs Administration has determined final list of frightening images that will become required elements of cigarette packs inform the FDA web-site.
Smoking parents give birth to girls
Scientists have come to conclusion that smoking parents have much more chances to give birth to a girl then a boy.
Marlboro has renewed inconspicuous sponsorship of Ferrari
Formula One Team Ferrari has renewed sponsorship agreement with tobacco Corporation Philip Morris presented on the market by Marlboro brand, informs Autosport.
European Union Commissioner: Lithuania will develop plan of EU protection from contraband
Lithuanian government together with government of other European Union countries and Euro Commission Officers intend already this summer to create plan...
Citigroup has predicted end of smoking in the world
According to research made by Citigroup, number of smokers is steadily reducing and especially fast during the last two years.
Smoke of YSL cigarettes
Yves Saint Laurent makes cigarettes
"Smart" cigarettes join smokers into social net
It seems that joining of people in the Internet reaches its' apogee. One of the most oppressed groups in society - smokers - will get their on union.
In Iraq want to prohibit smoking
Authorities will take from Iraqi one of several "joys".
In Germany excise taxes on tobacco have been raised from May 1st
From May 1st tobacco products in Germany became more expensive in Germany.
Not all cigarettes are the same harmful
One in five smokers is sure that some cigarette brands are less harmful than other - an unusual research has shown.
Tobacco Companies in Australia were sent to knockdown
Design of cigarettes packs according new anti-smoking law is directed to disincline smokers from smoking.
How long is a cigar smoked and what happens with it further?
It is recommended to smoke cigar on two-thirds. Why not more?
What to do if during smoking cigar has extinguished?
Don't light up cigar after it has extinguished no matter how much time has passed as its will not have the same taste anymore.
Part of smuggle cigarettes in Latvia made 38 per cent
Since 2007 prices on cigarettes have grown 2.5 and market of illegal cigarettes has increased by 8 per cent and makes at present moment 38 per cent.
Menthol cigarettes can disappear from sale
American experts have offered to prohibit menthol cigarettes.
In Great Britain cigarettes will be sold under the counter
UK Board of Health has published new plan on smoking control. Now Sellers are not allowed to place tobacco products on the counters.
What for does cigar need a bow?
Maybe somebody considers multicolored cotton bow on cigar a decoration. Let it be so. But, first of all it is a label - cigar brand, its' trade mark.
How to determine if cigar is fresh and should you throw out dried up cigars?
To determine cigar conditions you can squeeze it a little. Usual cigar will be hard.
How is better to smoke to get the most pleasure possible?
First of all you should understand that cigar is flavor and aroma but not satiation with nicotine. Cigar smoke shouldn't be inhaled.
How and with what to burn a cigar?
Cigar is very dependent to foreign scents that is why it shouldn't be lightened by petrol lighter or candle as their content can pass through the flame into cigar and provide it with oily flavor.
What does 5 inches x 42 printed on advertising folder near the name mean?
It is cigar size it's length and thickness. Length may be determined in inches (as a rule, these are cigars made of long leaf) or centimeters (millimeters).
Facts about smoking. Part 2
Facts of passive smoking. Fact: When someone smokes cigarette, smoke goes out from two main places.
Facts about smoking. Part 1
Facts: cigarettes Cigarette is often considered as chopped tobacco leaf rolled in paper.
Israel has prohibited even artificial cigarettes
Israeli Ministry of Health decided to prohibit import and sake of electronic cigarettes in the country, including those that don't contain nicotine.
Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 9
USA. Many cities and states consider or have already brought into action smoking ban. California has the most serious legislation on smoking control.
Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 8
Singapore. Exists wide ban on smoking in public places, last time it was updated in 2005. It includes grocery stores, restaurants, public places, offices, plants, banks and medical institutions.
Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 7
India. Smoking ban in public places came into force in October 2008 within the efforts on restraining high rates of population dependence on tobacco.
Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 6
Spain. New law that prohibits smoking in offices, markets, schools, hospitals, cultural centers and public transport was introduced since January 1st, 2006.
Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 5
Netherlands. Severe measures, cigarettes smoking beginning with January 1st, 2004 is prohibited in many public places, including railroad stations, trains, WCs and offices.
Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 4
Ireland began aggressive fight against smoking on legislation level in March 2004, prohibiting smoking in bars, restaurants and other closed premises and work places.
Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 3
France makes important step on the way to full smoking ban, when it has declared about its intention to prohibit smoking at work places and in other public buildings from February 1st, 2007.
Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 2
China. In May 2008 during preparations to Olympic Games in Chinese capital - Beijing came into force smoking ban in majority of public buildings.
Smoking ban in different countries of the world. Part 1
Australia. Smoking is prohibited inside all airports, state institutions, and medicinal institutions and at working places. Restaurants and shopping centers in majority of states also have status of zones free of smoking.
Smoking ban in Europe
Next year in Europe is going to be passed full smoking ban not only at the work-place but even in restaurants, bars and coffee shops.
All cigarette packs in Australia will be deprived of logos
Cigarettes in Australia will be sold in identical standard packs without logo of the manufacturer - informs AFP with reference to the statement of Australian prime-minister Kevin Rudd.
Experts: electronic cigarettes are not less harmful than usual. Part 2
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) jurisdiction doesn't apply to electronic cigarettes.
Experts: electronic cigarettes are not less harmful than usual. Part 1
Safety of electronic cigarettes without nicotine and acrid smoke that were patented in Hong Kong in 2003 and that as was supposed will secure many heavy smokers is placed in question.
Truth about electronic cigarettes
Widely advertised electronic cigarette is not a way for smoking cessation, on the contrary it seriously harms health.
About cigarettes. Part 2
Filter. Filter is intended for reducing smoke quantity and certain components of it that enter smoker's organism. Majority of filters are manufactured of organic fiber - cellulose.
About cigarettes. Part 1
Tobacco smoke is, perhaps, one of the most complex and more actively studied blends in the world.
Camel cigarettes. Spirit of freedom
Literally from the first days of existence this tobacco brand has effectively used spirit of travels and passion to adventures.
Camel cigarettes. Drop of nicotine kills camel
Everything began in the distant 1913. It was time of numerous tobacco experiments. And among other new smoking methods began to come into fashion.
Bond cigarettes. Boring story
Perhaps if to compare history of Bond Street brand development with other cigarette brands, it will seem too dull and calm.
Bond cigarettes. Quinn favorites
In realty Bond cigarettes, of course, don't have any relation to agent 007. At least because judging by marketing legend, this brand appeared in 1902 but Jan Fleming has invented his killer by Quinn's name only in 1953.
Winston. From Switzerland with filter
According to marketing legend new cigarettes appeared thanks to one of R.J.R Tobacco Company directors - Edward Darr.
Winston cigarettes. In spite of grammar
For long time Winston town that in fact gave the name to this tobacco brand, hasn't distinguished with anything special.
Survivor Chesterfield
Young Ronald Reagan hasn't scorned to advertise Chesterfield. But, in spite of constant attacks, Chesterfield was able not only to survive but again to gather pace.
Chesterfield on the waves of competition
After monster-corporation dissolution on USA tobacco market was developed active and aggressive activity. Companies began to invest a lot of money in their products advertising and promotion.
Chesterfield. How to survive in advertising war
For the first time about tobacco brand Chesterfield people found out yet in 1873. And to thank for this we should Drummond Tobacco Company for which cigar manufacturing was, as a matter of fact, secondary business.
Tobacco sorts classification. Part 2
Latakia Tobacco It is one of the most famous varieties of Oriental tobaccos that have very specific aroma and saturate flavor.
Tobacco sorts classification. Part 1
There are several different tobacco sorts, each of which has many varieties. All of them differ from each other a lot in many parameters the main of which are size and color of the leafs...
Pipe tobacco blends. Part 3
Complex of flavor and aromatic characteristics of any pipe tobacco blend is made up of individual properties of all components that are included in it.
Pipe tobacco blends. Part 2
Then tobacco leafs are cleared of dust and outside garbage, cuttings and streaks are eliminated, after what tobacco is hold during several hours in closed vessel in order to achieve its identical humidity and temperature.
Pipe tobacco blends. Part 1
All know that while making wine, especially vintage, taste and bouquet of final product in a greater degree depends on the cropping year as conditions of grape ripening are provided by complex of weather factors typical for certain period of time.
Cigars in Europe
In 18th century cigars were very popular and they were smoked practically at all courts. Russian empress Catherine II was sent cigars adorned with silk ribbons so that her queen fingers wouldn’t touch tobacco leafs.
Sir Walter Raleigh
Sir Walter Raleigh has occupied in history the place of active propagandist and distributor of tobacco in England. Raleigh, in 1584 has received from Queen Elizabeth "carte blanche"...
Jean Nicot
Jean Nicot was born in Nimes (France) in family of poor notary. His school years he spent in native town and then moved to Toulouse where he munched out on history and literature studies.
How Columbus was looking for India and found tobacco
It is considered that contemporary history begun in 1492 and is inseparably linked with Christopher Columbus.
Tobacco cutting methods. Part 2
Spun cut Spun cut, Rolled cut или Curley cut - names that are used in relation to tobaccos of roll type. It is relatively rare type of tobacco cutting as it is quite difficult and expensive manufacturing.
Tobacco cutting methods. Part 1
On tobacco cutting method depends not only its appearance but also how comfortable will be pipe filling, how well tobacco will burn, i.e., as result, cutting type influences blend's flavor.
From tobacco history. Part 4
French people begun to cultivate tobacco as medicinal and decorative plant. Only in 1585, part of soldiers that has got off from Spain and Portugal has demonstrated to Europeans offbeat sight of people that funk smoke from mouth and nose.
From tobacco history. Part 3
During discovering of America tobacco has already been there in common use. Indians from South and Central America smoked long cigars rolled up of coiba plant leafs (it was kept till present among South America population).
From tobacco history. Part 2
Tobacco seeds he imported from Trinidad and Venezuela, but technology he has adopted from Walter Raleigh (and upgraded it).
From tobacco history. Part 1
Till the end of 15th century, probably, nobody knew, except aboriginal from American continent. Archaeological excavations have shown that 4000 years ago, but maybe even earlier, North American Indians have already consumed tobacco.
Tobacco that brings health
Viral tobacco mosaic is one of the oldest famous plant diseases. Plague, known in medieval Europe as "black death" is one of the oldest diseases that leads to mass death of people.
Chewing tobacco (snus). Part 4
One of the most important advantages of snus consumption as compared to smoking tobacco is its individual use.
Chewing tobacco (snus). Part 3
Snus Catch Dry Vanilla Coffee It is light according to its strength with coffee and vanilla flavor for those who prefer light cigarettes. Package of 20 packs with 0.3 g each in plastic jar.
Chewing tobacco (snus). Part 2
Snus came from Scandinavian countries, namely Sweden is the motherland of chewing tobacco. In 1822 in Stockholm by Ettan Company was produced first box with chewing tobacco.
Chewing tobacco (snus). Part 1
Snus refers to smokeless chewing tobacco. Sales of chewing tobacco increase practically twofold each year in entire world. Snus has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Ashtrays. Part 3
Smokeless ashtray Lately so called smokeless ashtrays became popular. They are meant to protect the people that surround you from passive smoking.
Ashtrays. Part 2
Cigar ashtrays Cigar ashtray is accessory that must increase the comfort of smoking and aesthetic pleasure. The cigar smoking process takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours.
Ashtrays. Part 1
Usual ashtray made of plastic has each smoker. Few people know that ashtray is not just a stock of cigarette butts but also a useful accessory that may be beautiful and expensive.
How to smoke hookah. Part 3
A hill of such tobacco is called "free tobacco". In such form it will burn evenly, smoothly and will give much qualitative, saturated smoke.
How to smoke hookah. Part 2
Try milk with strawberry tobacco, it is also interesting. If the bottom part of hookah is made of glass than the top part is tightly inserted in the bottom one with use of pressurizing rubber ring.
How to smoke hookah. Part 1
When smoking hookah you must follow few easy rules. It is better to smoke hookah after food intake in calm and comfortable atmosphere.
Smoking pipes. Part 2
Now in Europe can be marked out four major areas that produce tobacco pipes. The largest is located in Italy. There are produced pipes for wide range of customers, from inexpensive to luxurious.
Smoking pipes. Part 1
Smoking pipes begin their history approximately when tobacco received its distribution and acceptance. However it is possible to say with confidence - very long ago.
Tobacco surrounds us everywhere. Even if you don't smoke, just go outside, look round, look how many people smoke cigarettes. Tobacco has taken many people under its influence.
Cigarette production
After harvest and drying tobacco leafs are delivered in production centers all over the world. For tobacco is conceivable ageing up to three years in controlled conditions that favors to aroma improvement.
Historical versions of hookah appearance. Part 3
Ethiopian version. Case, when in Ethiopian cave were found clay balls for water pipe and hashish's ashes, dated with XIV century, on bases of conducted chemical researches, tells that not all of us know about hookah origin...
Historical versions of hookah appearance. Part 2
American version. Hypothesis of American origin of hookah appeared as result of researches that were conducted in the beginning of XX century by L. Wiener.
Historical versions of hookah appearance. Part 1
This unique device for smoking has so many names... Some call it hookah, nargile, water pipe, kalian, sheesha or shisha. "Hookah" ("nargile", as just this name is used in the Middle East) is standard method of smoking in the Middle East during few centuries now.
What will tell you smokers gestures
Smoker, that squeezes cigarette between index and first fingers, quasi hiding it in palm (this gesture is true male, you will unlikely see woman with such a gesture) knows very well what he wants from this life and can defend his own interests.
Wedding instead of smoking
Charitable organization in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh issued a new proposal in order to encourage young people to quit smoking.
Cigarette smoke can protect smokers from an allergy
The cigarette smoke is capable to prevent an allergy, reducing reaction of immune cells to allergens. To such unexpected discovery researchers from University of Utrecht/ Netherlands have come.
How the broccoli can protect heavy smokers from cancer?
Researchers have found out that the former smokers and people who are still smoking had an opportunity to make this habit less unhealthy, due to the vegetables.
British smokers are offered to buy license to smoke for $20 per year
In the case of introduction of a new bill, British smokers will have to take out the government license of tobacco smoking.
Smoking ban for USA drivers
At present time, USA government considers a bill, according to which American drivers won't be able to smoke cigarettes in car in presence of children.
Electronic revolution in smoking
New marketing good electronic cigarette is spread in high gear in Holland. This Chinese invention just began to work up the European market, and according to experts, Dutchmen, one of the most smoking European nation, organized the trade of electronic cigarettes faster than other, providing with cigarettes its own people and neighboring states.
Smoking ban in England
Smoking ban in public places (restaurants, pubs, clubs, schools, hospitals and other offices) is put into force in England.
New Year for smokers
At the beginning of 2008 in many countries smoking bans are put into force. Since the 1st of January absolute smoking ban in cafes, pubs and restaurants is introduced.
Cigarette rituals
Cigarette rituals are able to point out inner emotional state of smoker. Deep inhalation during the question is a classic case, plaid up in movies many times.
Cowboy Marlboro
Having proceeded to defeminization of Marlboro cigarettes, he decided to use the series of testosterone injections, which is the image of captain, sportsman, adventurer, military reporter, house builder and others.
France without cigarettes
Now French parliament is discussing smoking ban in restaurants, bars and Eiffel tower. France may become nonsmoking country. For many people cigar or cigarette is the best end of perfect dinner.
Havana cigars
Havana cigars are very popular among smokers. They are famous for one fact, outstanding political figure Sir Winston Churchill smoked Havana cigars.
Anti smoking campaign in USA is expanded
The information about active fight against smoking in public places in USA is known for a long period of time.
The development of cigarettes production in Russia
The segment of slim cigarettes is filled up. The whole amount of cigarettes brands with the prefix slims on the Russian market has already exceeded 100 names. Great number of cigarettes producers try to rely on brands which proved their opulence, enlarging the families in all available trends.
Lucky Strike
The history of Lucky Strike cigarettes was always connected to the development of society. Thus, in 30ths of XX century Lucky Strike showed its solidarity to women in the period of emancipation.
About cigarettes and women
Underdeveloped market of tobacco advertisement in Soviet Union led to almost chaste attitude of most women to cigarette smoking.
Tobacco sorts
The choice of tobacco is very important thing for every aesthete smoker. The choice of tobacco in many respects depends on temperament and those situations when person smokes.
Tobacco cultivation
Though it is not easy to cultivate tobacco, this culture is grown successfully in different climatic conditions and in different types of soil. With this environmental factors have considerable influence on quality of tobacco.
American woman asked for imprisonment to quit smoking
The official of Iowa police station was very surprised when Jodi Perkins called her with unexpected request to put her into prison for several days, because she wanted to quit smoking in jail.
Tennessee, USA. It is forbidden to purchase big lots of cigarettes in neighbor states
New rules of IRS came into force in Tennessee State. The new rules allowed the IRS officials to detain people, who buy big lots of cigarettes in neighbor states.
Cigarettes candies for behindhands
This trick is for attraction of youth to smoking! Activists of different anti tobacco organization are indignant.
Rates of tobacco tax increase, the level of smoking recedes
The Congress of USA reviews the possibility of the greatest federal tax rate on cigarettes. The analysis has shown that the tax increase leads to the acute reduction of cigarettes consumption.
JT International assumed responsibility for smokers in airports
In the context of international program the company establishes stations for smoking in airports all over the world.
Limited Editions instead of restyling
Practically all the participants of tobacco market agreed in opinion, that in conditions of severe competitions and fashion among smokers on new and unique cigarette packs, brand restyling is necessary step.
Some words about the structure of Philip Morris International
Philip Morris International is one of the leading international tobacco companies. Productive capacity of two factories in Russia allow to produce more than 100 billion cigarettes per year, its production is also exported to Armenia, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine.
New style of Marlboro
Philip Morris International declared about the launch of the new version of Marlboro cigarettes, Marlboro Filter Plus for Russia and Ukraine. The main distinction of new cigarettes is the filter construction.
If you want to smoke, just go for a walk
Moderate exercises, for instance, walk on foot, facilitates the symptoms of irresistible desire to smoke cigarette, which is felt by the people who want to quit smoking.
What cigarette can say about person
If the cigarette is far from the palm of the smoker, it means that the person is delicate and sensitive. The smoker has a creative personality; he is guided by the language of senses and emotions, but not by mind and logic.
Younger brother
The price attracts customers to this brand. Taking into account high quality, mild taste and availability of 3 different tastes of Wings by Winston, the brand has a lot of chances to became very popular.
Nobody knows exactly when cigars appeared. Something resembling modern cigar occurred in period of Maya, and then in epoch of Caribbean aborigines. The companions of Columbus met him during his first expedition in 1492.
Englishman found the way to outwit the law for the possibility to smoke
I have the team of professionals, who know about the law, so, I am sure that everything will be fine.
How to reduce hazardous effect of smoking
If you are inveterate smoker and you are not going to give up, here are some advices how to minimize health hazard from your habit.
Rooks are fighting against parasites with the help of cigarettes
Exeter suburb dwellers observed that rooks living near the railroad station hold their wings toward cigarette smoke.
Electronic cigarette
It seems to you that you are holding and smoking a cigarette. Process looks like the same but the consequences are different.
Mobile phone will substitute a cigarette
According to the data of large-scale researches...
Paris Hilton says she rolls a racehorse by herself
Paris Hilton got into a mess again.
Quit smoking menthol cigarettes is harder than ordinary cigarettes
Menthol cigarettes undertakes longer feeling of exhilaration...
Chinese clerks consider smoking ban is dangerous for society
Social stability in China will be at risk if government tries to ban smoking.
Bill To Increase Cost Of Cigarettes In Arkansas
Smokers in Arkansas may soon have another reason to quit. A Hot Springs lawmaker is sponsoring a bill that would raise the tax on cigarettes by 50 cents a pack.
Tobacco fans celebrate Cubas cigars
HAVANA (AP) -- Joey Betancourts fingers dart over the long, light-brown tobacco leaf. They nudge loose tobacco inside and wrap and tug, smooth and straighten. A tightly rolled cigar takes shape.

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